You know the band, Avenged Seven Fold? The nu-metal riffs, double kick drumming, scratchy vocals, and generally disappointing album releases?

The drummer, James Sullivan (The Rev) was found dead in his house yesterday. 28 years old. Today, reports come in proclaiming “natural circumstances” as the cause of death.

First off, RIP. I never once cared for the band, but 2009 has taken far too many people in the spotlight.

Second off, can “natural circumstances” be any more vague? He didn’t fall off a cliff – that rules out gravity. He didn’t choke on a hamburger, and that’d be a pretty natural way to die, too. Come on A7x; you’re an American rock band. It comes with a destructive lifestyle. We know it. No one will slander him if it comes out that he OD’d. But the dishonesty is a little too much.


ps. I hesitated a long time before posting this, but all the reports are far too sketchy and unsubstantiated to truly be death by natural circumstances. If I turn out to be wrong, I’m legit sorry, but I don’t think that I will.