So, I was thinking of something to share with you guys and I remember seeing some pretty cool trailers a couple of days ago.

The first one is Inception.

And I think not knowing too much about this film is probably the way to go. I think part of the allure is the mystery regarding the film and I think it might be the film’s selling point to mainstream America…other than having a star cast and a heavy-hitter director. Here’s the little description that’s being thrown around: “A contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.”

The second is The Vicious Kind.

I’m a big fan of indie comedies and film festivals, so I’m differently intrigued by The Vicious Kind. It’s also nice to see Adam Scott as a lead instead of being comedic support (a la Step Brothers). All that being said, I’m not crazy about the trailer’s music, but that’s a minor issue.