ChocolateRobot has been up for less than a week and we already have around 80 or so views. Now, I know this isn’t a big number at all, but the fact that you guys are willing to check out what we have to say at all really means a lot.

To show my appreciation, I decided to share a few things with you guys. The biggest inspiration on CR, for me, is KN+(Kitsunenoir). That blog’s author is the person who got me into design. He has a series called the Desktop Wallpaper Project where a ton of different artists and designers contribute, well, wallpapers to the project. Let me tell you, they are awesome. In fact, the DWP is how I was introduced to KN+.


Make sure to check the site out and give him your support.

Also, I’m really digging the work of Rockie Nolan. A photographer from Texas who is now studying at Savannah.

If you like it, click the image and it’ll take you to her Flickr.

Thanks and if you’re digging what we’re doing here, tell your friends.