Disclaimer: I am not a movie buff. My roommate has reels of film on his wall – not to mention a gigantic Manchester United flag. I have guitars. That is all.

I’m finally finding my tastes in the film world. Action doesn’t do it for me, comedies at least watchable, and documentaries don’t lend my movie preferences to be considered “cool.” I’m now thinking that crime movies are what I love.


With that said, The Departed is an incredible film. Had I looked at the wikipedia entry before watching it, I would’ve been turned off. Surely a film with this many accolades won’t sit well with my hipster tendencies.

Wrong. If limited to one word, I’d describe The Departed as (brilliantly) structured. The plot line is intricate and intensely interwoven; it’d be easy to lose an audience within the deceptions and betrayals if the film were not so intelligently structured. There are highs and lows, character development scenes and brutal shooting scenes. Within every shot there is a heavy, thick tension to every word and action.

Yeah, I’m four years late. But if you’re interested in a film with genuine thought, prevailing tension, and incredible acting, The Departed is on my (very)short list of recommendations. Watching it with a best friend was an awesome experience.