Have you ever discovered something that was new to you, yet old to the rest of the world?

I had that feeling amidst the dull confines of my “entertainment center” whilst researching music. As a musician I try to broaden my musical horizon, save for all of that Rap and Country shit (if you like either of these genres, please go out of your way to send me hate comments :p). A person such as myself with various Psychedelic preferrences like The Warlocks, The Black Angels, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre can only be obliged to try other genres of music. Therefore, I chose last.fm to study the multiple genres of music related to some of the bands I already listen to.

One song in particular caught my mind while I was on The Raveonettes Radio Station. ‘Twas Autonomy Boy by The Long Blondes! This band consists of lead guitarist Dorian Cox, bassist Reenie Hollis, rhythm guitarist Emma Chaplin, drummer Screech Louder, and the ever so gorgeous singing front woman, Kate Jackson.

Bred from Sheffield, England, the group of friends grew tired of their redundant lives at work and the nightly clubs. Sheffield has a music scene, which the Blondes were quite tired, therefore, they thought of making their own band because they believed they could produce more entertaining musc and they did.
After playing their first local gig they were approached by a local record company. And thus began the unexpected career of the 2004 english pop band.

It may seem odd to those you reading this that a psychedelic rocker such as myself was ever interested in pop. It surprised me as well, but The Blondes are one of those bands that people can relate to because they address familiar situation that everyone has experienced. Althought most of it is rather female-related, what with all the female singing and lyrics, it still can be placed into a male perspective.

The majority of The Long Blondes’ songs approach the emotions evolving love, lust, and chasing those of the opposing sex. What we have that other people want or vice versa becomes the topic of many songs that portray a feeling of unsatisfactory love, but in an upbeat poppy way.
Unfortunately, in 2008 Dorian Cox sufferred from a severe stroke inabling him to continue playing guitar. Therefore, the band decided to end it. Although the Blondes are gone all of its members have continued to play music and Dorian works towards playing guitar again with the help of physical therapy. I hope they can get back together in the event that Dorian recovers.

But since I’m just finding out about them, I feel rather stupid because they’ve already come and gone. Wish I had the chance to see them, but thats too late.’
Instead of rambling onward about this great band, take a look at them yourself.

That British Beauty that makes my knees go weak, Kate Jackson, and The Long Blondes.