So, I have a lot to share. I mean, a lot. Not a little bit, but a whole lot. First off, I bought some art and photography magazines a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been looking through them (obviously). Well, I came across the work of Alex Masket in Esopus. I absolutely love his stuff. You really, really have to go to his website. Alex Masket The concept of letters and numbers standing alone as design elements…it makes me so happy. It’s abstract, yet so concrete. There’s a lot to write about the artist, but I’m not going to pigeonhole him, so check out the site.

Marc Webb (Director of 500 Days of Summer) is officially going to helm the new Spider-Man movies.
This is pretty big news and it’s happened pretty fast since Raimi just recently left the project. There are some logistics and a Sony press release here: 500 Days of Mary Jane

The MacGruber movie has posted a red-band trailer and Brae, I think you’ll like the music in it. I’ll post the link below, but if you don’t know what MacGruber is, it’s the movie version of a skit on SNL. It’s pretty funny and the trailer definitely raised my hopes for the movie. You have to put in your age and stuff, but I think it’s worth it. MacGruber!
For Thunderpants:
Mass Effect Interview, Son

But, that’s it folks. I promise I’ll post some of my own stuff pretty soon.

(New DVD releases today, but I haven’t seen any and thus, can’t review them)
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