Man, do I have some stuff to share or what.
First off, Kitsune Noir posted this link Bruce Mau Design a couple of weeks ago and I’m really, really digging it. It’s a list of design “rules” if you will. It’s pretty, pretty interesting.
This looks like the perfect thing for my macbook.

Pretty much the bee’s knees. It’s a case for your macbook, obviously.
via Uncrate

Spike Jonze’s short, I’m Here, just premiered at Sundance. It sounds pretty interesting, it’s a contemporary robot love story. /Film seems to be loving it, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Then again, I wasn’t too fond of the Kanye West short that Spike did.

Conan is officially leaving The Tonight Show. Of course, there are some stipulations to his departure (such as being forbidden from another network until the Fall), but his show is getting a 45 million severance package.
The Deets
I’m working on another project to share with you guys, it’s a pen and marker drawing. It’s based off of one of my old sketchbook drawings, I think you’ll dig it.

And expect some more paintings since I’m going on an art supply run tomorrow.