So, it’s been three days. Wow, time goes by fast (yada, yada, old-folk speak). So, I decided to stop neglecting CR and post. How thoughtful of me.
Like all red blooded Americans, I enjoy crappy sequels. No, wrong, I don’t.
A Gremlins 3 rumor has been going on and off for the past couple of years and now we have more news about the sequel (in 3D!). I don’t understand, I know it’s risky to start up a new franchise, but…Gremlins, I strongly disagree with. Then again, I’m clearly not the target demographic for Gremlins. thanks to /FILM
F**K You, Avatar Let me give you the rundown, okay? The PGA (Producers Guild of America) gave The Hurt Locker best picture, “knocking” Avatar out of the lead for best-picture at the Oscars. Good, thank God. Some people, a lot of people, will say that 3D is advancement for cinema. I strongly disagree. I think it’s a gimmick. Is Avatar more technically advanced than The Hurt Locker? You bet. Is Avatar a better film than The Hurt Locker? No, at least I don’t think so.
Mass Effect 2 comes out tomorrow. Hold all my calls

I’ll be posting some “shorts”, little concept films that I’ve been toying around with pretty soon and some more paintings.