So a few months ago, I got a FlipVideo camera to start recording dailyvlogs and skits and stuff.
Unfortunately, I failed to realize how agonizing that process was with a wimp-ass laptop (F*%$ Windows)
and GBs of videos. The process is unreal. It takes forever and my education impedes these activities as well.
This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on videos and what not. I REALLY want to do them and have captured GREAT moments that are worthy of Youtube’s sloth-moving upload process.

In addition to all this, I had a shit ton
of vids that werent processed yet and somehow got corrupt, therefore, I was forced to reinstall my FlipShare program, thus losing fantastic memories such as the Annual Man Torch Lighting, Sledding with my bestie, My Bestie’s Birthday, and so on. Although I have lost so much I will continue to post videos on youtube while practicing failsafe procedures that will surely impede on the already sluggish posting I’ve been making. Until then, hopefully the faithful viewers of ChocolateRobot will check my personal vlogs and also the video reviews of CRs page.

Search AngryAries041 for DailyVlogs and TheRobotCollective for CR’s Multi-Media reviews. Enjoy!