A word: Awesome

That is all


Sorry, I know I’m not one for fanboy-ish glee or over the top sentimental feelings for TV shows, but I’ve been a fan of Chuck for a long time. I was on my seat when it was almost cancelled and I was more than relieved when it came back. I’m sure countless other Chuck viewers will echo my sentiments, because…well, because Chuck fans are like that. Loyal to a fault, almost.

Anyway, I would suggest for you to go watch it on HULU, but unless you’ve seen the other episodes…go out and buy the box sets and wait. Trust me, it’s worth it. To appreciate this episode, you need to start at the beginning.

I need some sunglasses, recommendations?

I’m looking at some Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but I think these might have to do on a small budget. Wayfarer