So, it’s been three days. Wow, time goes by fast (yada, yada, old-folk speak). So, I decided to stop neglecting CR and post. How thoughtful of me.
Like all red blooded Americans, I enjoy crappy sequels. No, wrong, I don’t.
A Gremlins 3 rumor has been going on and off for the past couple of years and now we have more news about the sequel (in 3D!). I don’t understand, I know it’s risky to start up a new franchise, but…Gremlins, I strongly disagree with. Then again, I’m clearly not the target demographic for Gremlins. thanks to /FILM
F**K You, Avatar Let me give you the rundown, okay? The PGA (Producers Guild of America) gave The Hurt Locker best picture, “knocking” Avatar out of the lead for best-picture at the Oscars. Good, thank God. Some people, a lot of people, will say that 3D is advancement for cinema. I strongly disagree. I think it’s a gimmick. Is Avatar more technically advanced than The Hurt Locker? You bet. Is Avatar a better film than The Hurt Locker? No, at least I don’t think so.
Mass Effect 2 comes out tomorrow. Hold all my calls

I’ll be posting some “shorts”, little concept films that I’ve been toying around with pretty soon and some more paintings.



Man, do I have some stuff to share or what.
First off, Kitsune Noir posted this link Bruce Mau Design a couple of weeks ago and I’m really, really digging it. It’s a list of design “rules” if you will. It’s pretty, pretty interesting.
This looks like the perfect thing for my macbook.

Pretty much the bee’s knees. It’s a case for your macbook, obviously.
via Uncrate

Spike Jonze’s short, I’m Here, just premiered at Sundance. It sounds pretty interesting, it’s a contemporary robot love story. /Film seems to be loving it, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Then again, I wasn’t too fond of the Kanye West short that Spike did.

Conan is officially leaving The Tonight Show. Of course, there are some stipulations to his departure (such as being forbidden from another network until the Fall), but his show is getting a 45 million severance package.
The Deets
I’m working on another project to share with you guys, it’s a pen and marker drawing. It’s based off of one of my old sketchbook drawings, I think you’ll dig it.

And expect some more paintings since I’m going on an art supply run tomorrow.



I told you I’d post some stuff.
Hello, there


So, I have a lot to share. I mean, a lot. Not a little bit, but a whole lot. First off, I bought some art and photography magazines a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been looking through them (obviously). Well, I came across the work of Alex Masket in Esopus. I absolutely love his stuff. You really, really have to go to his website. Alex Masket The concept of letters and numbers standing alone as design elements…it makes me so happy. It’s abstract, yet so concrete. There’s a lot to write about the artist, but I’m not going to pigeonhole him, so check out the site.

Marc Webb (Director of 500 Days of Summer) is officially going to helm the new Spider-Man movies.
This is pretty big news and it’s happened pretty fast since Raimi just recently left the project. There are some logistics and a Sony press release here: 500 Days of Mary Jane

The MacGruber movie has posted a red-band trailer and Brae, I think you’ll like the music in it. I’ll post the link below, but if you don’t know what MacGruber is, it’s the movie version of a skit on SNL. It’s pretty funny and the trailer definitely raised my hopes for the movie. You have to put in your age and stuff, but I think it’s worth it. MacGruber!
For Thunderpants:
Mass Effect Interview, Son

But, that’s it folks. I promise I’ll post some of my own stuff pretty soon.

(New DVD releases today, but I haven’t seen any and thus, can’t review them)
-Connor <—-Connor

I really like the new Kick-Ass poster, it reminds me of a watch and headphones campaign that Nixon was running a year or two ago.

On a more personal note, I know I’ve talked about all these different creative things that I’m going to be posting. Well, I was thinking of putting up some “mixtapes” (a la KN). So, I’ll talk to Thunderpants and see what he thinks of the idea.

-Connor 🙂 <— Smiley Face

thanks to /Film
So, I want to give your eyes something to look at the daily, so I’ve got a couple of ideas. Mainly, that I’ll just be updating this more often with my own content. Now, I know that I posted a link to the user created site, but let’s be honest, two sites? That might be a little too much exertion for you, no offense. I like to keep my web-browsing to a minimum as well.

I’ve got some creative content lined up for you guys. I’ve been toying around with the idea of daily vlogs (a la thunderpants) and I think I’ll try it out. Also, I’ve seen a couple of different cartoonists and artists doing daily drawings for the new year. So, I thought to myself, I’ll give it a shot.

I did that a about a month ago, when I was toying around with the idea of daily drawings, I just wanted to give you guys a little idea of what they might look like.


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