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So, instead of doing a bunch of different posts about several different things, I’m just going to show you what I ran across today on the interwebs…and I have to say, they’re pretty cool. I mean, really cool. I’m not joking. Seriously, really cool.

So, I was checking out Good Morning, Good Night and I saw a quote from a blog called, “I Wrote This For You.” And I found something on there that caught my eye. Also, check out the site. It’ll make much more sense.
I Wrote This For You via Good Morning, Good Night
“”This is the one.” The universe assures me from behind the counter.

“But I thought you said the last one was the one.” I reply.

“No.” Says the universe. “I sold you that one so you would know that this, this is the one.”

“Is there another one?” I ask the universe.

“I can’t tell you.” They reply. “It’d ruin the surprise.””
Carson Ellis is an illustrator, painter, cover artist for the Decemberists, and author. So, she’s got it pretty figured out. I saw that she posted some polaroids from the Holidays and I really like them. I picked two of my favorites.

Carson Ellis
Also, WordPress is being communist. So, here: Morgan M Morgansen


I need your help. I’ve got an art project coming up and I need some people to collaborate with.

Essentially, it’s a drama/photography project. You, the actor/actress, would find something you want to read and then I’d photograph the one-man show that then ensues. We’d post the audio, the photographs, and the text all online. So, win win…win!

Think photoshoot and theatre.

Email me for details: OR


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