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Sorry, I know I’m not one for fanboy-ish glee or over the top sentimental feelings for TV shows, but I’ve been a fan of Chuck for a long time. I was on my seat when it was almost cancelled and I was more than relieved when it came back. I’m sure countless other Chuck viewers will echo my sentiments, because…well, because Chuck fans are like that. Loyal to a fault, almost.

Anyway, I would suggest for you to go watch it on HULU, but unless you’ve seen the other episodes…go out and buy the box sets and wait. Trust me, it’s worth it. To appreciate this episode, you need to start at the beginning.

I need some sunglasses, recommendations?

I’m looking at some Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but I think these might have to do on a small budget. Wayfarer


It’s been a while. Look, don’t get mad. It’s gravy, baby. And that is probably the worst thing that I’ve ever typed. It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy and I’m sure the same goes for you.

Did I tell you I love the blues? Oh, I didn’t. Silly me. I love the blues.
I finally, finally caught up on Dexter. I started watching season 4 months ago, but I just now remembered to finish it. I remember seeing posts on Facebook about how bad the ending is. I won’t post any spoilers, but the writers on Dexter are absolutely brilliant. So, I guess…this is a recommendation, go watch Dexter. Start at the beginning.
So, the God of War III demo dropped last night on PSN. It’s beautiful and awesome. But I’m more excited about the Just Cause 2 demo coming next week

Know any good blues? Let me know


So I decided to share a little something about myself. As most of you probably don’t know, I was obsessed with skateboarding when I was a kid. This went on for about four or five years. I couldn’t skate worth a damn, but I ate it up. If I saw skate magazines, I’d want them. If I saw a pair of Fallen shoes, I’d want them. The long and short of it is, I’ve always been a big fan of skateboarding but I’ve never been a skateboarder. One of my favorite street skateboarders is Chris Haslam. Check it out:

My A40 headset comes in on Tuesday. That is all
Looks Like I’ll need to update my computer CIV V. Not CIV IV, but CIV V. I sank so many hours into Civilization IV that I’m afraid that the sequel might drag me down underneath the waves, far away from society. If you don’t know about the Civilization series, it was (until recently) a pc-exclusive RTS game. Basically it’s all about managing and upgrading a, you guessed it, Civilization.
Offline? NO Assassin’s Creed for you! Ubisoft’s DRM is retarded. If you buy ACII for the PC, you have to be online to play the game. If your network or Ubisoft’s servers go down, it boots you from the game. Lame.
FIFTH? You’ve got to be kidding me
Like a dumb-dumb, I forgot to tell you guys about the article on Roger Ebert posted on Esquire on tuesday. It’s awesome and definitely worth the read. So, read it: HERE
SIXTH! I’m leaving, seriously? Six. Come on
I know I said I’d post pictures of my painting on LPEP, but I just haven’t had the time to take them and upload them. SO, expect them today. i’ll post a link-a-doodle in a new post so you can check it out.


So, Chuck was awesome last night. I don’t have time to do a review right now, but if you’re skeptical about starting to watch it (and if you for some reason trust my media opinion), then go ahead and start.

On a side note, I was excited to hear Matt Costa at the end of the show. Chuck normally has some pretty good music. From Bon Iver, Frightened Rabbit, The Accidental, Spoon, to just about anything awesome. I guess this post is really more about the music on Chuck than last night’s episode. And again, if you want to see what I’m listening to: Last. FM I think I’m going to start posting my top five artists of the week or something like that.

Anyway, Cheers. I just wanted to give an update before class


Patton Oswalt

I’m not going to single out one of his albums, because they’re all fantastic. So, instead of recommending a piece, I’m going to recommend the comic.

I have three of his stand-up sets (chronologically from oldest to newest):
Feelin’ Kinda Patton
Werewolves & Lollipops
My Weakness is Strong

They are all fantastic. If you don’t know who Patton is, well, he’s a comic. Have you heard of him before? Probably, he voices Remy on Ratatouille. Oh, yeah. He was also on VH1’s Best Week Ever. He describes his termination in Werewolves & Lollipops. Eventually, he just snapped and couldn’t joke about how stupid celebrities were anymore. When asked about Paris Hilton, he said that, “She’s a cunt who should die of AIDS.” The producers obviously freaked out.

At any rate, Patton’s humor ranges from political satire to in-depth nerd routines which will leave anybody hating George Lucas (Me) laughing. He’s got a nice range. He can go from goofy jokes with (obviously) terrible accents to charismatic narration of his daily life. In short, he’s a spectacle to listen to. I highly recommend anybody who buys comedy albums to check him out. He’s also not as reserved as other comedians. When listening to Jim Gaffigan, he’ll hardly ever break “character,” but Patton interacts with the audience and toys with his own jokes. Just check it out, I think you’ll like him.


Chuck S.3 Ep. 6.
“Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler”

I’ve been a fan of Chuck since it has been on the air. I was horrified when I heard that it might be cancelled after its second season. Thankfully, it’s back and it’s awesome.

If you don’t know what Chuck is about, I’ll give you a rundown before jumping into the review. Chuck is about a “Buy-More” employee (a parody of Best-Buy) and is in the Nerd Herd division (Geek squad?). He’s nerdy, shy, goofy and just about awesome. Well, at the start of the series he gets an email from his old college roommate, Bryce. Well, it’s an encrypted file of something called an, “intersect.” The intersect holds all of the information within the U.S. government and the original intersect is destroyed. So, Chuck now holds all the secrets in the military world.

He’s assigned “handlers” and is basically used as an asset for the government (CIA). Shenanigans ensue.

Cut to season three, episode six. Chuck’s intersect has been upgraded so he not only knows all the secrets but hes got all the training of a real spy as well. Well, in this episode several story lines came to a head. Chuck is still the same goofy guy, but he’s maturing. After 2 season of a nerdy, reclusive Chuck, we get to see a hardened Chuck. He’s confronted with a tough, moral decision and he does what a “spy” would do and not “Chuck.” He’s hardening, if you will.

At the same time, his friends and family members are starting to become suspicious of his actions…cue trouble on the homefront. The show is really starting to move up and get into a groove, it’s pretty awesome.

10/10 for the episode.


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