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It’s been a long time, I know. Don’t be too upset, you two readers…or however many. This is just a post to let you know that I’m here. Hi, hello. And I’ll post some more stuff later.




I don’t know if I ever posted a single one of these on
the website so I’m taking the liberty of doing it now.
I have, over the past few months, created video reviews for
recent games and movies. Take a look and if you haven’t
seen something that CR has recommended, take the time to
enjoy something new 🙂


looka dis::::

Sorry for the caps,


This post will be one of five ongoing posts to describe my top five favorite bands. I feel like sharing my interests with CR’s viewers and in turn searching those interests of our viewers.

The first and foremost of my top five favorite bands is The Warlocks.

The band consists of the following musicians:
Bobby Hecksher – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
John Christian Rees – Guitar
Ryan McBride – Guitar
Jenny Frazer- Bass
Jana Suzanne Risher – Bass
Bob Mustachio – Drums

These artists have created some of the most creative works of art I’ve ever experienced. Most of their music is “thick and dreamy” as drummer Bob Mustachio likes to describe, but The Warlocks also create some heavy deavy death tones like Angry Demons and Stickman Blues.

Their best album is easily The Pheonix Album. I would almost consider it to be like their greatest hits album. Anyways, The Warlocks are hypnotic because they open songs with overpowering fuzz, feedback and bass, which shatters your emotional barrier. Afterwards they begin to invade your senses with subtle drones and high tone guitar rings then they touch your heart and soul with wicked lyrics and beautiful keyboards.

It’s extremely difficult to fully describe a band as magnificent as The Warlocks. They rock my inner core and take me from reality. When I listen to music I don’t like it because it’s catchy or has super fast and cool guitar solos. I LOVE music because I can relate to the song and connect the music to an experience.

Music is my pacemaker and The Warlocks are one of the few bands that always short it out.

So a few months ago, I got a FlipVideo camera to start recording dailyvlogs and skits and stuff.
Unfortunately, I failed to realize how agonizing that process was with a wimp-ass laptop (F*%$ Windows)
and GBs of videos. The process is unreal. It takes forever and my education impedes these activities as well.
This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on videos and what not. I REALLY want to do them and have captured GREAT moments that are worthy of Youtube’s sloth-moving upload process.

In addition to all this, I had a shit ton
of vids that werent processed yet and somehow got corrupt, therefore, I was forced to reinstall my FlipShare program, thus losing fantastic memories such as the Annual Man Torch Lighting, Sledding with my bestie, My Bestie’s Birthday, and so on. Although I have lost so much I will continue to post videos on youtube while practicing failsafe procedures that will surely impede on the already sluggish posting I’ve been making. Until then, hopefully the faithful viewers of ChocolateRobot will check my personal vlogs and also the video reviews of CRs page.

Search AngryAries041 for DailyVlogs and TheRobotCollective for CR’s Multi-Media reviews. Enjoy!




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