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Glyde, founded by one of the members of eBay, is the bee’s knees. I’m not joking. I set up an account about two hours ago, I’ve listed about twenty things and I’ve already sold one of them. So what? You might say, well I’ll tell you what.

Glyde is the easiest website I think I have ever used. After you create an account which hardly takes any effort at all, just name and password. That’s it. No profile picture, no profile, nothing else. But I’m getting sidetracked, that’s not the impressive thing. The impressive thing is their selling system. At eBay you set up auctions and the auctions expire over time. At Glyde, you set a price for your item and it compares it to the market price and allows you to select what condition it’s in. When your item is sold, they SHIP YOU a box for your item and you ship it to the buyer. You then are paid. You don’t fuss around with finding boxes, they give you one…to ship to the buyer. It is so freaking cool.

Of course, you won’t be able to sell any of the eccentric items you might find on eBay. You can only sell DVDs, games, and music. But still…if you buy a use game from Glyde compared to Gamestop, you save so much more money. It’s ridiculous. Kotaku wrote up a piece on it: Glyde

I highly, highly recommend this site if you’re looking to get rid of old DVDs, games you don’t play anymore or books that you simply forgot you had.

God, I love Glyde.

PS. When you’re deciding your sell price, you can choose to donate a certain percentage of the proceeds to charity…Awesome.

P.P.S. I made 42 dollars today. I sold two video games at above Gamestop price in five hours. Sweetness.


“Probably the only thing I knew with complete clarity was that I wanted to be an actor. But there was a lot of rejection early on, and so it never felt like, Hey, I’ve got something here. There was always an element of me that needed to prove something to myself. It’s something I don’t want to get rid of, because it’s what drives me. I’m never settled and I’m never satisfied.” Leonardo DiCaprio

Man, oh man. Oh, man. Man. So, so much stuff to share. Well, let’s get cracking.
GAMES, games, Games?
So, there are a lot of news stories about video games and I thought it’d share them…obviously. Anyway, first up is that the Halo Reach Beta starts on May the 3rd. That’s really all that needs to be said. Xbox Live will be over-run by Halo fans numbering in the hundreds of thousands. It’ll be something else. Oh, right, you’ll need a copy of Halo 3: ODST to play.

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Dead Rising 2 I can’t embed the clip from the link, but it’s gameplay from Dead Rising 2…so, it basically just features a lot of zombie brutality. I was a huge fan of the first game, so I’m of course looking forward to the upcoming sequel. My favorite part of the whole clip is the wheelchair “attack.”
Fable III. Because you can never have too much Fable Most of the time, I think Molyneux is a genius. I loved his Black&White series for the PC all those years ago and was a big fan of the first Fable. However, I’ve heard less than stellar things about Fable II and all of the innovations it brought to the table. This, of course, disagrees with the 98 it currently has on Metacritic. But, after reading several user reviews and perusing comments from several Kotaku and IGN readers, it seems that it was just a tad bit overhyped. Perhaps, I need to pick up a copy and see for myself. Anyway, Molyneux is bringing up some new innovations for Fable III. Check out the link above for more information.

By the way, somebody give me money to get Bioshock 2 and Bad Company 2…and Red Dead Redemption….God, I’m going to be broke this spring.


This post will be one of five ongoing posts to describe my top five favorite bands. I feel like sharing my interests with CR’s viewers and in turn searching those interests of our viewers.

The first and foremost of my top five favorite bands is The Warlocks.

The band consists of the following musicians:
Bobby Hecksher – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
John Christian Rees – Guitar
Ryan McBride – Guitar
Jenny Frazer- Bass
Jana Suzanne Risher – Bass
Bob Mustachio – Drums

These artists have created some of the most creative works of art I’ve ever experienced. Most of their music is “thick and dreamy” as drummer Bob Mustachio likes to describe, but The Warlocks also create some heavy deavy death tones like Angry Demons and Stickman Blues.

Their best album is easily The Pheonix Album. I would almost consider it to be like their greatest hits album. Anyways, The Warlocks are hypnotic because they open songs with overpowering fuzz, feedback and bass, which shatters your emotional barrier. Afterwards they begin to invade your senses with subtle drones and high tone guitar rings then they touch your heart and soul with wicked lyrics and beautiful keyboards.

It’s extremely difficult to fully describe a band as magnificent as The Warlocks. They rock my inner core and take me from reality. When I listen to music I don’t like it because it’s catchy or has super fast and cool guitar solos. I LOVE music because I can relate to the song and connect the music to an experience.

Music is my pacemaker and The Warlocks are one of the few bands that always short it out.

DId I mention I like Geoff McFetridge? Oh, I didn’t. Well, I do.
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I can’t remember how I stumbled across this video, it was probably KN ( Kitsune Noir)

But it is so trippy and awesome, that I can’t get enough of it. I know it’s quite old, but in the off case you haven’t seen it, here you go.

Also, I’m listening to their album with my new headphones (Sony MDR 7506s) and it sounds amazing. If you don’t have over the ear, closed headphones, I’d recommend picking some up. The sound quality in these is superior than any in-ear buds I’ve tried.