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This post will be one of five ongoing posts to describe my top five favorite bands. I feel like sharing my interests with CR’s viewers and in turn searching those interests of our viewers.

The first and foremost of my top five favorite bands is The Warlocks.

The band consists of the following musicians:
Bobby Hecksher – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
John Christian Rees – Guitar
Ryan McBride – Guitar
Jenny Frazer- Bass
Jana Suzanne Risher – Bass
Bob Mustachio – Drums

These artists have created some of the most creative works of art I’ve ever experienced. Most of their music is “thick and dreamy” as drummer Bob Mustachio likes to describe, but The Warlocks also create some heavy deavy death tones like Angry Demons and Stickman Blues.

Their best album is easily The Pheonix Album. I would almost consider it to be like their greatest hits album. Anyways, The Warlocks are hypnotic because they open songs with overpowering fuzz, feedback and bass, which shatters your emotional barrier. Afterwards they begin to invade your senses with subtle drones and high tone guitar rings then they touch your heart and soul with wicked lyrics and beautiful keyboards.

It’s extremely difficult to fully describe a band as magnificent as The Warlocks. They rock my inner core and take me from reality. When I listen to music I don’t like it because it’s catchy or has super fast and cool guitar solos. I LOVE music because I can relate to the song and connect the music to an experience.

Music is my pacemaker and The Warlocks are one of the few bands that always short it out.

I’d seen the previews for this somewhere a while back and never got the chance until now to watch it. Normally, I can tell when I’m looking at a commercial for an indy film. This didn’t appear to be a big budget film with a lot of hype behind its release date, but I believe those are the best kinds of movies.

The movie begins just as it says it does. “Boy Meets Girl” but it’s not a love story. This movie is rather a humorous take on despair and heartbrake. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have a great movie chemistry, what with all their dark hair, shnazzy clothing, and imaginative humor.

The movie jumps around a lot as the plot develops because it’s based on the 500 days of which Gordon-Levitt’s character falls in and out of love with Deschanel’s character, Summer.

This movie touched my inner core because it addressed some many feelings that most everyone experiences before, during, and after love. It’s a touching movie although it’s not your typical lovey-dovey movie. It’s not about love at all really.

I tend to think the movie is more a journey of self-discovery for Gordon-Levitt’s character during and after his relationship with Summer because he eventually betters himself in the end.

I highly recommend this movie to any and all who love humor, love, and Zooey Deschanel. She’s absolutely gorgeous and Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been a favorite actor of mine since Brick. If you haven’t seen it check it out.

ChocolateRobot gives 500 Days of Summer a solid 8 out of 10 for its rich humor, heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, and beautiful roles and actors.


Those fuckers are long and if you’re like me, you have the attention span of a squirrel in a field of acorns. There’s just so much stuff your brain overloads. So in regards to my rather lenghty posts some of you may be happy to know that starting maybe in the middle of this month I will be posting videos on youtube.
these will include reviews, skit, vlogs, the woirks. feel free to check out the ChocolateRobot channel on youtube come late January.

I’ll be using a flip video camera. great resolution and enough time to film with should produce some pretty entertaining vids. 🙂


Welcome to the second review of ChocolateRobot’s, posted by the one and only Bobcat Thunderpants. As few of you know (considering the site has been officially running since today) ChocolateRobot’s intent is to review mutli-media products, whether it be music, movies, technology, art, etc., to the best of our ability. A fellow creator of CR, Connor, posted our first review on today’s movie releases, so I have taken on the responsibility review today’s newly released music.

Today’s release was rather uneventful with the only album release of Ryan Star. Unable to recover an samples from his new album, I decided to review older albums in hope for insight on his new CD. Frankly, his music sucks and seems to adhere to females, whom he wants take in the back of his car. This cat’s lyrics are dreadful and don’t flow wth his songs whatsoever. Also, it appears that he feeds off of Vag through the use of posing as a rock star.

So I looked at last Tuesday’s releases. Aside from various Rap or R&B artists and the New Moon Twilight OST Album, there was only one other band to review. Mudvayne, the album released by the band Mudvayne is a Heavy Metal delight for those dark and deranged listeners. The band opens the album with, in my opinion, its best song. Classic Double-Bass pedal drum jams, Shredded Metal guitar riffs, and Hellish Alternating Vocals orchastrate this well-crafted track titled Beautiful and Strange.

This song was probably one of the best openers I’ve heard for an album. Although Mudvayne blows a massive metal load on you the first track, their songs progressively lose momentum. It appears that all the better songs were compiled in the first half of the album, whereas the slower, increasingly dull songs are placed at the end, last of which is Dead Inside. Although we are approaching the turn of a new decade, Mudvayne still holds on to the early 2000’s heavy metal sound, which isn’t all too terrible considering their music contains dynamic guitar pieces, inventive and actually audible lyrics rather than the confusing shrill or roar of most metal bands, and finally ever so sweet double bass pedal given to us by the great Heavy Metal.

I dub the new Mudvayne album by Mudvayne a 7.5 out of 10 and recommend this CD for any Heavy Metal Monster thrashing through Hell and back because this album is as Mudvayne screams “Beautiful and Strange.”

Album Cover for Mudvayne