Chuck S.3 Ep. 6.
“Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler”

I’ve been a fan of Chuck since it has been on the air. I was horrified when I heard that it might be cancelled after its second season. Thankfully, it’s back and it’s awesome.

If you don’t know what Chuck is about, I’ll give you a rundown before jumping into the review. Chuck is about a “Buy-More” employee (a parody of Best-Buy) and is in the Nerd Herd division (Geek squad?). He’s nerdy, shy, goofy and just about awesome. Well, at the start of the series he gets an email from his old college roommate, Bryce. Well, it’s an encrypted file of something called an, “intersect.” The intersect holds all of the information within the U.S. government and the original intersect is destroyed. So, Chuck now holds all the secrets in the military world.

He’s assigned “handlers” and is basically used as an asset for the government (CIA). Shenanigans ensue.

Cut to season three, episode six. Chuck’s intersect has been upgraded so he not only knows all the secrets but hes got all the training of a real spy as well. Well, in this episode several story lines came to a head. Chuck is still the same goofy guy, but he’s maturing. After 2 season of a nerdy, reclusive Chuck, we get to see a hardened Chuck. He’s confronted with a tough, moral decision and he does what a “spy” would do and not “Chuck.” He’s hardening, if you will.

At the same time, his friends and family members are starting to become suspicious of his actions…cue trouble on the homefront. The show is really starting to move up and get into a groove, it’s pretty awesome.

10/10 for the episode.