I love, love, love, love all my politician friends. Hell, I didn’t know I had so many. It turns out, all of my friends are majoring in political science and are doing their best to share their knowledge on the health care bill. Ah, god bless them, holding to their values and morals as if they’re on a sinking ship, you’ve got to love them.

So. It’s been a while. Should I put on some mood music? Huh? How about a little white wine? Yeah, that sounds about right.
Watch Breaking Bad. Just do it. It’s about meth, cancer, and family: everything you need in a tv show.
I don’t have much to update you on. Truth be told, if you want to see what I find interesting, I’ve got links to my daily sites all in the sidebar. Click over there, you won’t be disappointed, they’re all quality sites. Now, I will be giving a review of Up in the Air tomorrow probably. I don’t normally like to give reviews, because, well I’m not qualified to give them. I’m no expert in any field, so…it’ll probably be that I’ll give you my thoughts on it.

Spike Jonze’s short, I’m Here, is online.I’m Here The site only gives out 700 viewings a day, so don’t forget to check back the next day if you don’t get a “ticket.” I still haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t tell you too much about it.

Esquire has a ton of new music recommendations on its site. Esquire. They list a ton of bands from SXSW and, “songs that every man should be listening to.”

Give me tattoo recommendations.


if you are nothing, don’t ask for something