Spike Jonze gets a prank pulled on him by his WTWTA crew. No embed, but click the link to see. Spike Jonze

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I still haven’t seen the movie due to location constraints. When I was at State, going to the movies either required a ride or a taxi. The latter being beyond expensive. Back home, I don’t believe our theater actually put up the movie. At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing it.
Monsters in Real Places Basically, the link says it all. It’s a blog of monsters in real-life photos. It’s pretty cool.

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Guess what I bought: I’m not an audiophile by any means, but after listening to music through my Sony MDR-7506s, I realized that I really couldn’t go back to how I previously absorbed media. Enter Astro’s A40s. Great sound and a great mic, is pretty much a win-win. Although the price is pretty steep, it’s an investment.

Also, Chocolate Gaming? I’ve been thinking about an idea and the situation is nowhere close to infancy, but I’ve always been interested in LAN parties and video game competitions. IF I ever stumble upon such an event or get into some sort of competition, I think I’ll try and get Chocolate//Robot into the gaming scene, somehow. I know that all of the members of C//R grew up gaming and it has definitely been of one of our favorite hobbies, so I see it as an evolution of a pastime.