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Nolan calls 3D an interesting development. I despise 3D. I despise Warner Bros. making all of their tentpole movies 3D. I don’t see the point of 3D. I’m not a film-tech geek, I can’t talk to you too much about 35mm and 70mm film. I’m not going to be the one to say that the soul of an image is in type of mechanism used (film over digital). Hell, most of the movies I see are in digital format. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie on film, it’s been a long time.

At any rate, I digress. From my perspective, 3D is about money, not progress. Avatar made a staggering amount of money. Executives like money, so on and so forth. Avatar was a technological showpiece. In terms of plot and character development, it was nothing short of a shitstorm (or if you’re Doug Benson, the movie should be Avatard).



NEWS! What? News! I’ve got some news. About so many, many different things. Well, mainly about movies because, well, I enjoy teh movies.

Nolan Dishes
So, Inception is the next movie coming up by the director behind The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan). Now, I posted a trailer a while ago. And I know what you’re thinking. That trailer, Inception? Well, that was the bee’s knees. Yes, it was. So, Nolan has started to talk a little more about it. Thankfully, it’s not full of Spoilers. I’ll put the quote up for your viewing delight.
“I grew up watching James Bond films and loving those and watching spy movies with their globetrotting sensibility…. We get to do that here, not just geographically but also in time and dimensions of reality as well. We get to make a movie that’s expansive, I suppose you’d say, in four dimensions.”
Oh, Nolan, you tease! Not three dimensions? Whaaa
So, I said I didn’t read comic books growing up. Well, that’s true. I do read some graphic novels and I did read Y: The Last Man which was straight up awesome. Anyway, Mark Millar, the man behind 300 is talking about a new project he’s working on. Batman In Reverse
It’s a new series and in the link <—- he talks about who might direct the movie. The post mentions two heavy hitters: Sam Raimi and Guy Ritiche. Personally, if it were between the two, I'd pick Raimi. Oh, wait. I haven't told you what it's about. Silly me. Essentially, it's what if Bruce Wayne was evil? A supervillian that had all the benefits that Bruce Wayne had and he just tortured police officers for the heck of it. Sounds entertaining!
For you pop-culture savvy people, you’ll know what’s going down at NBC. What? You don’t know. Come on. The network heads at NBC are trying to fix their primetime Leno mistake. Before I talk about what the “fix” is, I’ll tell you what the Leno mistake is/was. So, Conan O’Brien moved up to the Tonight Show and Leno…well he got a primetime slot at 10 bumping out a ton of Dramas and scheduled programming. Who thought that would be a good idea? Well, the network heads didn’t think it through. They lost millions and millions of dollars on the switch.

SO, now, they want to push Leno to 11:35 and Conan to 12:05. Essentially destroying the Tonight Show Legacy and messing up their whole late night schedule. Tssk. Tssk. NBC, you should know better (PS, they’re losing 200 million dollars at the Olympics). Check out the full story: Conan The Barbarian

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